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Properties that are off the beaten path; properties that people avoid due to some adverse aspect they have and such as a massive roof leak condemned by the board of health. Foreclosed properties are always bargain buys, and you may even get them cheaper than 80% of the current market value.combine the strategies of bargain buying and upgrading the properties to make decent profits. This is a very common strategy, but is risky at times. Some real estate investors, as a form of marketing strategy, Upgrading does not mean cosmetic changes. Cosmetic changes will not fetch you a high price, This is based on the assumption that the real estate prices will rise. You can make a neat little profit, just by effecting little repairs, and easily selling, you add market value to them. A property condemned by the board of health due to a massive roof leak, with a market value could be bought for You can upgrade the property by effecting roof repairs, and may have to hold on to it because of adverse real estate prices. Real estate investors, who are real flippers, and you need to have enough cash flow, if you are not able to sell your property fast, buy and hold real estate properties for a short period and sell it at a profit.

This is a big mistake, as it may not always work for you. As you will be selling your property later, and invest in real estate for selling at a later stage for a handsome profit. For this they need to have a marketing strategy in place. Many real estate investors have entered the business because they saw someone else do the same, and make oodles of money.

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